Visiting Canada

Booming Film Industry in Vancouver

Vancouver is not a place that I would have thought of for the Film Industry.  However, it’s nickname is “Hollywood North” and it is the 3rd largest production center in North America. Apparently thriving there for over 30 years. Mammoth, Vancouver, North Shore, Ironwood Studios and Washington studios are all within the boundaries of Vancouver.

The Industry currently provides 35,000 jobs and is worth more than $2 billion a year. 2016 was a record year  and 2017 is looking good. The Province of British Columbia offers tax incentives; for example 28 percent refundable tax credit on labor costs; 35 percent refundable tax to Canadian-controlled production companies. The incredible scenery and appealing locations add to Vancouver’s desirability.

For fun: Check out Sarah Mclauchlan’s Blog , Moving to Canada Vagabond Days. It’s about being a Kiwi working in the Canadian film industry and all the unexpected adventures she’s had since arriving in Canada. There is currently a strong demand from Netflix, Amazon and other streaming services. The only possible problem that could arise to slow business would be if the US administration chose to devalue the dollar and made Canada’s currency more expensive.

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