Visiting Canada

Run, Bike, Walk

In April, Gordon and I spent a couple of days in downtown Vancouver in the West End. It was beautiful. Fun on the harbor, beautiful cherry blossoms and people out strolling with their families, walking their dogs, running, biking and stopping for a cup of coffee and chat at Tim Horton’s and Starbucks too.

Their buses run on electricity and it was fun to see them scooting along the overhead wire. We had a rental car and when it came time to return it we began the hunt for a gas station. Not an easy task. It turns out that there is only one in the entire downtown Vancouver. We were quite surprised to learn later that the gas station is going out of business. It turns out that the land it is on is too valuable ….so a new development will take it’s place. In the center of town an entire street has been turned into a bike lane. So I guess it’s get out of that car….There were plenty of cars… Plan ahead getting  gas.

Update …Today a couple told me some guy is starting a mobile gas business. He will bring gas to you. Interesting!!

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