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Two Days Until I Leave for British Columbia

Almost twenty years ago I became a widow. My big thought :

“Who am I now that I am not a couple?”.

I have been exploring the answer to that question ever since.

The first year I went to an Evans Family Reunion in Saskatchewan Canada and that began my travels to visit where I came from.  I have met the second cousins and have known the cousins all my life. Genetic traits are strong and you can’t help but feel the connection.

We love to laugh and have a strong tendency to see the bright side of life no matter life’s trials. We are loud when we get together and we don’t wait our turn to talk. You have to learn how to jump in to participate in the conversation. We talk and talk and talk. (I think I’ve been told that’s the gift of the Blarney Stone).

We love music … Surprised I was to hear while sitting listening to a fiddler playing “Little Red Wing”  that was your grandmother’s favorite song … aunt Sue. Always music was part of my life …from my mother’s father taking me to the bandstand in the park to hear marches to hearing my aunts and uncles chording on the piano and singing.  The radio was always on to music  and lots of records.

YES, I love to laugh, talk and listen to music.  

When life gets tough the family takes action to reach for a better life and the next adventures. They were kicked out of the Highlands in Scotland when the land owners decided to raise sheep. They left the “Old Country” when they suffered from the plague and famine. They sailed across the Ocean and settled into the joys and struggles of their new life. They were farmers, teachers, reeves, county clerks, doctors, lawyers and they found that leadership came naturally to them …of course because of their love of people. They jumped right in and went for it.

I so admire the lives they lead. Well the teacher and love of people is in my soul . Leadership is easy for me. The courage and need to stand up for my beliefs is impossible for me to ignore.  Canada is calling… I know the amazing people. I love to hear them talk … they remind me of my family.

Two days to start my Canadian Adventure …I am so excited. Looking forward to the people I will meet and experiences I will have. Posting on this Blog will be a way to share the experience. After twenty years I know who I am and this fits me perfectly. Smile on my face … Let’s go!

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