Becoming Canadian

Canadian citizenship

The day before I left San Diego my certification of Canadian Citizenship arrived. What an exciting day. Now I need to know what happens when you have Canadian Citizenship.

The document is a special one because at the bottom is a Maple leaf with the number 150. This is the only year that will be on Citizenship paperwork… that’s because of the 150 year celebration of Canada. One side of the certificate is in English and the other half in French. It so beautiful I put it in a picture frame. To obtain this document I had to get certified copies of my birth certificate and my parent’s birth certificates. My mother’s was in the Archives in Toronto, Ontario and father’s in the records in Saskatchewan. It was interesting to learn from my father’s birth certificate that he was the second twin. His brother was born first. One of the ways to obtain citizenship is proof that your parents were born in Canada.

June 14th… I went in to Victoria today to find out what I should do next regarding my Canadian Citizenship. I found out that my dual citizenship is grandfathered in. Americans applying for Canadian Citizenship today have to give up their US citizenship according to current law. When I was born I was a Canadian because both my parents were Canadian so what I got was a certification of that and yippee I am a dual citizen.  They told me I need to get a Canadian Passport…I’m not sure why since I have a US passport but that is the game. When I went to the Passport office I found out that I need a “Guarantor” …someone who has known me for 2 years and is a Canadian. Thank God for my Canadian 2nd cousins. One of you will have to guarantee I am who I am and sign the back of my passport pictures. Step by step I am playing the game.

Thanks Cathy for volunteering to be my Guarantor. Paperwork is on its way to Alberta. The more I talk to people about getting their Canadian Citizenship the more I realize I am extremely lucky. The comment being made that your Dual Citizenship is extremely valuable. I think I appreciate that.

JULY 12, 2017

Yesterday I went back to the passport office with all the needed paperwork. The first time I didn’t succeed because I had put my original citizenship paper in a picture frame because it was so beautiful and it was hanging on the wall in San Diego. The copy I had was not acceptable. On trip back to San Diego I got the original and brought it to the office. This time my passport was processed and is supposed to be mailed July 25th. I was afraid she was going to keep my citizenship paper ..but, no she scanned it into their records. 

Now I also understand why I need the passport… it is my ID to prove I am a Canadian. Obviously I am not going to carry citizenship paper around. That’s going back in the picture frame.

One thought on “Canadian citizenship

  1. How exciting for you Peggy! Especially as you begin this beautiful adventure. I am so thrilled to be joining you in August!

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