Canadian Life Style

That’s so West Coast

Apparently, West Coast British Columbia has the same kind of reputation as West Coast US.

I stopped by the Victoria Lavender Farm today. Found a real character there, Alan. He has 18 acres of Lavender growing and some interesting farm animals. Geese, goats and beautiful peacocks and colorful pheasants. We got to talking about the 150 celebration of Canada and he said he is in the video they are making of fun stuff across Canada. They were filming his Goat Yoga Classes.

Two times on Saturday and Sunday people come from around Victoria to lay out their Yoga mats in the beautiful grassy goat pen and exercise with the goats.Yes they crawl on their backs and all over the people doing the Yoga. Nancy and I were there on Saturday and came back Sunday to watch. It was fun and crazy. Apparently the film producer was from Montreal and he said, “This is so West Coast”.

When we were eating lunch the waiter pointed some characters in costume across the street … they are having Comic Con this weekend. Waiter said that’s Sidney for you anything can happen…Hmmm, that all sounds familiar.

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