Canadian Life Style

  Rain and the Lush Gardens

Well, today it was predicted to rain all day and that is exactly what happened. I decided it was a great day to hang out in my apartment.

When we were driving up and it was raining in Washington state I had one of the scariest rain experiences ever. I was in the fast lane of the freeway when a deluge let loose. I literally could not see a thing … nothing … like when there’s a white out in the snow. I moved over to the side of the freeway and got off and waited a few minutes .

I decided not to repeat that one. I was planning on going to the Sidney Farmer’s Market that they have every Thursday night. Pretty sure that was cancelled.

So, I am admiring how all the homeowners enjoy and take care of their gardens … they are beautiful and lush and most of the time I see the homeowners themselves out working on them for hours. (pulling weeds, cleaning out the flowers beds, adding the mulch.) They seem to really enjoy it. Beautiful green and well manicured lawns …garden paths and hot houses. It’s really neat. I was beginning to wonder if there was such a job as a gardener around here when I actually saw one mowing a lawn this morning. First one. At my house gardeners are around all the time. Rain sure makes a difference… green, green, green

Supposed to stop raining tomorrow and I’ll get out on my adventures then. It’s been a great day working on paperwork!


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