Visiting Canada

   Becoming a BC Resident has Big Advantages

There is a beautiful library in Sidney. Looks relatively new so I stopped in and thought that I would get a library card. That will be $25 a month thank you if you are not a resident. Hmm, maybe I am not that motivated to check out their materials …I can still enjoy stopping by and hanging out.

They explain that there are 6 book stores in Sidney and I could just get books to read there. Five of the book stores are used books and one is for new books. Chatted with a gal at the nail salon that said they buy the books read them and then return them … the store gives a credit. Kind of like a library.

I thought I brought all the meds I needed but, I ordered my blood pressure meds and apparently never picked them up. So I went to the pharmacy with the prescription bottle to see if they could help me…NO. They can not fill a prescription from a US doctor.  They have to be Canadian. I could go to a Canadian doctor and pay and then get the prescription filled. So the solution was have the PB pharmacy fill the prescription and have my son pick it up and mail the pills to me. If I had residency then I could get onto The Canadian medical system.

Residency definitely has it’s advantages. Avoids extra fees added to your purchase of Real Estate also. Costs more if you are a foreigner.



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