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Exciting bald eagle nest

Just blocks from my place is a bald eagle’s nest that is attracting a lot of attention. It has been discovered that there are 3 eaglets and surprisingly 1 baby red-tailed hawk in the nest. Birders are coming from a fair distance with their scopes to view the nest. They are wondering ..will the eagles raise the hawk and let it fly away or are they keeping it for future food. Hmmm! Nature! I’m going to swing back by and see if I can spot the bald eagles today.  It’s becoming quite the event  …I don’t have a scope but, it’s fun anyway!  

The Eagles and the red-tailed hawk have left the nest but, are still hanging around and apparently parents are still feeding them. This was quite the attraction for many wonderful photographers and Utube users. Check out Robert’s Bay eagle’s nest national geographic, Sassephotos, island ramblings, carter’s clips. Fabulous photos and different commentary shares the fun everyone was having with this nest in my backyard.

20170616_155721 (3)

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