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How did you find Sidney? A gentleman asked me the other day as we sat on a bench looking out on the harbor. I’m not sure…other than I thought it would be a good idea to be near the airport and I was not too interested in downtown Victoria.

It turns out that Sidney is an amazing town loved by many Canadians. The weather is milder than most of Canada and the location is phenomenal. It is minutes to the airport and to the BC Ferries at Swartz Bay that run several crossings to the mainland (Vancouver). Also next to ferries to the Gulf Islands and a ferry from Anacortes, Washington docks daily.

There are several marinas and of course many, many boats and yachts. Two starbucks coffee shops and of course Tim Hortons.

The banks are interesting in that I had a devil of a time trying to find an ATM. I drove around several banks looking for one with an ATM machine and found none. I was in a sandwich shop chatting with the gal that works there when I asked where are the ATM machines? She pointed to the bank across the street … I had already scouted that place for the machine. Turns out all the machines are inside the buildings . OH!! Weather makes a difference doesn’t it.

Many homes are “on the water” as there are so many inlets and bays. Much of the town and homes look new. I have seen quite a bit of building and even stopped to take a picture of the deep hole dug for a new condo complex. I’m fascinated about all the differences here and where I live. There has been a boom in housing and quite a growth in the community. Of course many restaurants and cute shops. Several newly developed parks and community gathering places. It feels like a new town in many ways.

They have a great theater where entertainers come…I already saw a”tribute to Leonard Cohen” and have tickets for Buffy St Marie when she comes.(Both Canadians) I decided to go to the movies last night and saw that it was down near the shops by the aquarium. I drove around several times before I finally saw some movie posters on the outside wall of the building. Aha! I parked and went in …I mentioned that it was hard to find. The lady said they used to have a sign but, when the building was repainted no one thought to repaint the sign. Apparently it used to be a bowling alley. Movie was a bore “The Quiet Passion” about Emily Dickenson ..thought I was going to see a chick flick ..wrong night.

Sidney IS the friendly, polite, accepting place that is the reputation of Canada. What a happy accident that I chose to live here …a number one tourist spot for Canadians … they love it as I do .

I have heard several people say that Sidney is a town of “the newlywed and the near dead.” Not true anymore their town is changing and becoming quite a vibrant place



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