Becoming Canadian

That’s Canadian For You

20170613_150721 (1)I have been looking for some Canadian 150 merchandise since Canada Day is coming and I will be in Canada for that day. My first time as a Canadian officially I thought it would be fun to grab some things. WELL apparently I am showing my US expectations.  The merchandise doesn’t exist… it’s not Canadian to constantly market. A shop owner explained to me that he would not want to buy something so limited that it would sit on the shelves … (it is Canada 150 for a whole year). Guess they don’t know about half-price sales etc. Supposedly the tourists will be here and the only outward sign of the celebration are some pretty neat street flags and Oh Yeah…one t-shirt with the logo on it. In the US we would have all kinds of things filling the stores. A little frustrating for this California trained shopper. (I was thinking of a gold logo necklace charm …forget it!)  The shop owner and I were looking at a red maple leaf shaped metal tray with the word love inside and I said it could have the number 150 inside instead. Oops had to restrain myself before I tried to teach him how to market US style. It’s just not Canadian!

I checked out St Paul’s United Church on Sunday and found they were all excited about their new woman pastor from South Africa. It was her 3rd week and she is quite a character. The gentleman I sat next to tried to teach me about being Canadian. He said we always apologize … I told him don’t you dare apologize to me. He and his wife both got a chuckle out of that. Everyone definitely seem to have ideas about what it means to be Canadians and they are quite proud of it20170613_150721 (1)!



2 thoughts on “That’s Canadian For You

  1. I’ve been following your adventures. I have a question… you know have both Canadian and United States passports? How does that work?Looking forward to reading more tomorrow. Be safe. We love you.

    1. I am not sure myself. All I know is everyone says you need to get your Canadian passport. I guess it will be good for ID. I don’t have anyway to show a card sized ID Canadian driver’s license and I guess there is no ID card. My Citizenship paper is so beautiful I stuck it in a picture frame. I am learning step by step. Having a great time.

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