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Crazy Politics in British Columbia

So in British Columbia there is a Premier (like our Governor) that heads the Provincial Government. A problem happened when last month’s election did not give a majority to any of the three political parties: Liberals NDP and Greens. The Liberals had been in power with Lisa Clark as the Premier…they were one seat short of the needed majority. Last night the Liberals who have taken the seats anyway gave a “Throne speech”… the official opening of Parliament in Victoria. It included all of the proposals of the other two parties during the last election. So no one is sure what will happen next … possibly in the next week there will be a “no confidence vote” and then they would probably have a “snap election”. Vote all over again…that’s why the speech included all the other guys proposals …prepping for the next round. No one here really knows for sure what will happen because the rules for such a thing are not written down like they are in other places such as England. Hmmm! 

So as expected the Liberals lost the no confidence vote and a coalition of the Green party and NDL party is in charge.  I was informed by a gal I was talking to that the Majority of Vancouver Island are Greens .

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