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 The Gulf Islands

So tomorrow I am going to hop a car ferry over to Salt Spring Island to go to their Saturday Market. Last night I went to the weekly street market in Sidney and found that it was packed. It seemed like everyone was out and it was lots of fun. The only thing I bought was two CDs from a Celtic folk music band ..they were great.

The Salt Spring Island market has a reputation of being outstanding…one of their rules is that everything has to be hand-made or hand-grown (nothing shipped in from China).  I am looking forward to the new island experience.

From what I understand each of the Gulf Islands has it’s own flavor. My waiter the other day said he was disappointed he had to work that day because his buddies were on their way to Pender for the day. I have since learned that Pender is a “party island”. Might not head to that island ..although a neighbor said he owns a place over there. His party days are long gone but, he still likes to go there.

Loving the feel of the late 60s around here laid back and casual. Apparently some of the islands are more so …hmm ..we’ll see!



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