Becoming Canadian

 Fitting in on Canada Day

So it took me awhile to understand that I needed to dress the appropriate colors. There was a dinner on the grass down by the beach a couple of days ago. Music and all. It was called “Dinner en Rouge”. You were required to dress in white and red. OH . Part of Canada 150 celebration and.. that’s the patriotic colors in Canada. Hmm.. not in my wardrobe. So I found a nice red scarf at a local store..that was a start. Then a white jacket and yesterday I ended up in Victoria where I got white shoes and a white shirt. OK My black pants are just not going to do. So today I hope to find a red skirt or red pants. I don’t think I can handle too much more white Everything on tv and around the neighborhoods are about the 150 celebration on Canada Day …July 1st. Hope I have the right clothes by then. When I was shopping yesterday I heard the sales lady behind me shout out something about Chico’s ..I didn’t realize she was talking to me because I had no idea the top I had on was from Chico’s . When I was ready to check out the sales ladies and I had a great talk about being Canadian and being American. One of the gals said she could tell I was American by the way I dressed(???) I have to bone up on that one. I asked if I could use my American Express Card ..yes! But that lead into what to call that card and how to pronounce it (who knew there was a controversy about that?) Then I started talking about how nice and polite Canadians are and how I enjoyed that. The younger sales girl said yeah but they are Passive-Aggressive. Oh yeah ..I hadn’t experienced that. She said she much preferred me(American) because I say what I mean. Well I couldn’t much argue with that one. Such an adventure just out shopping! More today looking for something red to replace the black pants. I have my Canada Day celebration plans .On the night before I am sticking around Sidney for their party and fireworks. Then on the first I am heading to Butchart Gardens as early as possible to spend the day and evening there. They have a big fireworks set-up and I’m sure a lot more. Nice restaurants etc. afternoon tea and all. I have my Butchart Gardens membership card and I’m going to do my best to look Canadian in red and white. Oops! I havent learned the Oh! Canada song. Hope that’s not a tip off.


4 thoughts on “ Fitting in on Canada Day

    1. That might not be too cool..Right now the only red pants I found was a pair of red sweats at Walmart. OMG Still looking. I did buy them and my landlady and i had a big laugh when came home and I showed her what I had.

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