Visiting Canada

In Canada on the Fourth

So all the celebrations are over here and businesses are open. Canadians are however completely aware of the Fourth in the “states”. Have had several greet me with “Happy Fourth of July.” My California license plates still tell the tale. Perhaps other clues that give away that I am an American.

Canadians are always highly aware of what is happening in the states. They watch US TV shows, keep up on current styles, movies, business news and weather in the states. They know as much about our politics as any American. Everyone I talk with knows where San Diego is …I don’t even need to add California.  

T. he flip flop of that is not true. People in the states do not pay attention to Canada. All my life when I said my Dad was born in Saskatchewan…no one had ever heard of it. I am still adjusting to the fact that here not only have they heard of it but many tell me they were born there. I have met so many people from Saskatchewan. Some even know the one street town in South Eahm stern Saskatchewan  where my Dad was born. 

There will be no fireworks here tonight … but, I know who I am and thoughts of the craziness that goes on in PB by my house are clear. My family is carrying on the partying for me and for once I am not stuck in my house due to crowds and I can drive anywhere I want on the Fourth of July. 

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