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Nightlife in Sidney

Went to the Empress Hotel a couple of days ago. It is a beautifully restored old hotel in Victoria. A San Diego visitor and I were sitting in front of large window enjoying the fantastic view of Victoria Harbour. When this spunky gal started waiting on us. She was lots of fun. Next thing you know she had invited me to join her friends the next night in Sidney to hear a guitarist that sometimes plays at the Empress Hotel. Of course…why not. So I met up with her gang last night at funky beach bar, Boon Docks.  Guitarist was great and she sang for 3 hours. About an hour and one half into the set people started leaving. Not the music but the habits of people living in Sidney …home early. Waitresses name was Sib and her neighbors Brian and Ann were a delight. Brian had worked in the space program in  the 60s and shared how exciting it was to be a part of that. I asked him if he had seen “Hidden Figures” …later realized the way that story went it probably wasn’t his movie. They apparently have a fantastic house in Deep Cove and invited me over. Claim their backyard rivals Butchart Gardens. I think his wife Ann and I can find a distant relative connection …from Bradford, Ontario. Brian had a great sense of humor … gave me the address and then ask for card to give me his phone number. When you call pretend you’re asking for information. …codename:Azalea. What a nut. We closed the bar down…9:30pm. Funny

I have found a couple of restaurants on the beach that stay open. I guess the best nightlife is the bands at the street fair on Thursday night until 9pm.

So what to do with the daylight still left …walk along the beach.

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