Becoming Canadian

It’s Slowly Sinking In

Hanging around waiting for the ferry yesterday I got into a very interesting conversation about what to do next on my Canadian adventure. Two couples with different circumstances were trying to educate me. One couple has dual citizenship and actually operate businesses in both the US and CANADA. They said you need to consult a smart tax accountant  knowledgeable about tax issues in both countries. It sounded to me he assumed I had millions and needed to understand the limits I could have in my accounts. 😂

THE other couple had gone back and forth with their citizenship he having immigrated from Germany. Both Canadian now and for a number of years. He told me I need to get a social security number,  a Canadian bank account and a Canadian driver’s license.(You have to give up your California driver’s license. )  Then they all encouraged me to get on the “free” Canadian health plan.

The two guys started arguing a little about what applies to me because I am not a foreigner…”SHE is a Canadian “. Wow ..that really hit me. I have not really accepted that in my mind as part of my identity. I AM AT CANADIAN…amazing!

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