Canadian Life Style

  Indigenous people today

We happened upon a unique experience at the park in Sidney. They were unveiling a totem pole that had just been completed as part of the reconciliation and recognition of the land’s ancient history. It was great ceremony with the mayor ,wearing his beautiful chain of command  the town crier, representatives from Victoria and wonderful group of first nations people Two different Indian chiefs. They performed many songs and spoken to each other in their native tongues. The totem was carved from cedar and was incredibly gorgeous. It faces the ocean to welcome everyone to Sidney. The two brother artists were there as were many of their family members. It was quite a  moving ceremony. Then last night we went to Mary Winspeare Center and heard Buffy St Marie and her band. Buffy was born on a Cree Indian Reservation in Saskatchewan was adopted  and raised in  US. Amazing and powerful woman for 70 years Quite a day.

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