Canadian Life Style

Beach and Bay

San Diego beaches are part of the lifestyle that we all grew up with. Surf, sand, seaweed, seashells, high tides. low tides, salt water and sunshine all a daily experience. Water sports, surfing, stand up paddle boards, sail boats, motor boats, jet skis, beach fires and unending ways to play in the water. Not just the Pacific Ocean but, also bays. San Diego Bay with the big ships and Mission Bay with the small craft boats. The amazing thing is I can walk a very short distance from the bay with the calm lapping water to the ocean with it’s crashing waves both special places to play and all where I enjoy being a Southern Californian girl. Of course there’s the beach culture, the Beach Boys, surfers, flip flops and sandals, suntan lotion, bathing suits, beach hats, towels and relaxed living. All of these joys are on my mind as I prepare to head north to Canada. The lifestyle is different but another amazing place to be. This year I hope to connect and learn about polite eh!

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