Canadian Life Style

Lobsterfest fun and I don’t like lobster

Checked into the Mary Winspear Center to see a show on the wrong day. It was a happy mistake instead we got two of the last tickets available for the Lobsterfest. Yeah ..another chance to check out the local scene. They were busy setting up silent auction, bid on wheelbarrow full of wine and beer and you keep the wheelbarrow too. Yippee!  Lots of things to bid on..auditorium filled with people and they even had a band. Only one problem for me ..I don’t like lobster. That made popular at

the end of the evening when there was an extra lobster and container for the boys to share. I had pasta, chicken and some yummy dessert. That worked for me. So at the table was an older couple who live in condo by the wharf from Nova Scotia and had driven in from Victoria for the lobster. Then younger couples having a great time hanging out together. One guy worked as a cook for the BC ferries. He said It’s kind of embarrassing to say that now a days because all they do is open boxes and heat. They used to actually cook meals. The other fellow worked for the government in Victoria managing their IT data….geez typical me I can’t remember what the gals do. But they were fun. One in particular had a great laugh. We felt very Canadian hanging out with them.

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