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Sidney some things do change

So I want to experience Sidney ….It’s people and lifestyle. The great thing is it is daylight until 10pm.  Lots of time to be out and mingling. Walking along the boardwalk are many great benches where you can sit down and start talking. Friday night we met a couple from Winnipeg who had moved to Sidney for his job. He was the director of the Victoria International Airport until he retired. They decided to stay in Sidney..that usually happens..everyone loves it here. I noticed there has been quite a bit of new construction since last summer.

Last summer I met a real character named Shay that owns a thrift shop in Sidney. This is not any ordinary Thrift shop ..It is very high end. All items are quality brand names and she studied clothing design and color. She loves to help you put things together to make you look spectacular. Such an artsy fun person. Crazy thing is she remembered me from last summer. She remembered we met in front of her home when she was watering her roses.

On Sunday I went back to the church I had discovered last summer. The excitement for me was that the church is thriving..big improvement with lots of music. The new pastor from last year has had a big impact on the congregation and it was easy to feel it. Fun.

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