Canadian Life Style

Oh no wrong day

I got a Vancouver Island library card today. While I was working on that Mary was thumbing through the things to do leaflets. She found something that appealed to her and asked if I wanted to go. Well I had never heard of it but she knew a little about it. It was called Theophilosophy.??So we googled the address and headed on down to Victoria. We had about 30 minutes to make it. We were surprised that it was in a church and that it seemed kind of crowded. So I thought Wow this must be interesting seems to be popular. We parked and got out of the car. Only entrance seemed to be the front of the church so off we went. Then amazed to hear that they were singing hymns. Hmm certainly didn’t expect that. Most of the people were gathered at the front of the church and they turned to look as I barged in. Mary was in the alcove talking to a lady. Turns out we were at somebody’s funeral service and what we wanted was held yesterday. Oops! 20180605_195426When got outside we laughed our heads off. We couldn’t believe we did that.

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