Canadian Life Style

A great day

It was a chilly and overcast day but, lots of fun. Went to Butchart Gardens and they are amazing as always. For some reason I got waved in without paying. I had to tell them no money was collected from me. So we had to park with the buses where could still collect money from me. I got my annual pass. Then when I went to buy something with my pass discount they gave me the staff discount. We had to straightened that out. Mary thinks I must look like someone who works at Butchart Gardens…crazy. It was fun moving around the gardens today with fewer than the average crowd of people. We stopped in the tea room for lunch  and then of course the gift shop. So many gorgeous things there. Then headed back to Sidney in time to catch the Thursday night street fair. Always a favorite with me. Three bands along the street. The scone lady was there but the line was insanely long so didn’t stop. She sells the best scones ever. Then stopped to talk with my buddy from the Lavender Farm. I was surprised to hear that his goat yoga group that was 14 has grown to 134 people. Wow ..That is so crazy. Can you imagine doing yoga in the goat yard..with some issues laying around and goats crawling on top of you, Well that is what they do. Ran into my friend Leslie who lives in Sidney during the summer and has a place in

Pacific Beach for the rest of the year. What a coincidence for us. Then had a wonderful dinner at Beacon street Grill. It was a wonderful day.



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