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The Egyptians

Today we decided to drive



into Victoria before we ate. We had both been snacking in our places so killed our breakfast appetite. So I thought it would be nice to go to the wharf. It is a really neat spot with very colorful houses over the water and a bunch of food places around.

Got a good parking spot but one problem …nothing was open. So we put in enough money for 6 hours and onto one of the cute little harbor ferries we went and over to The Empress Hotel.

Back to the bar menu with seat in their big bay window…best seat in the place and we enjoyed the view. One problem with the view…umbrellas kept popping up..first a red one then a blue one and a pink one. Dang it ..It was raining.

So we decided to walk over to The Royal BC Museum. Their current display is The Egyptians. The displays were beautifully done with fun interactive things to do. Answered questions to see if according to Egyptians Mary and I would make it into heaven…bad news we both got rejected .I watched a little girl in front of me get rejected and she was horrified. We just laughed at our fate. It was educational and fun to see.

Then we went into an IMAX theater for a movie on the Egyptians ..So in April Mary is headed to Egypt. She’s ready for her trip now. When we came out of the museum it was pouring rain.

We had to find the ferry and get back across the harbor to the wharf. Luckily one came and we didn’t have to go to a bunch of stops. Then the captain said I hope you two aren’t in a hurry…a cruise ship was pulling out and we had to wait. Yikes! I was starting to get nervous because I wasn’t sure about our parking time expiring. I forgot to look at time before we left.

But great ride over and when we got to the car still had one hour. Slow ride back to Sidney raining all the way…lots of traffic and who knows why. Decided to stay in for the rest of the night. Hope for better weather tomorrow.

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