Canadian Life Style

The Sidney Characters

I really love the people of Sidney. They are so relaxed and happy. They make me happy because they are such individualists.

We started the day even before breakfast visiting Alan, the Lavender Farmer. We knew it was the time for Goat Yoga. Yep ..he has a yard with goats in a beautiful grassy spot. Lots of little kids right now. He told me last year and again this year how he was approached by some yoga teachers asking permission to teach their yoga class in amongst his goats. And they pay him for the privilege. Last year it was just starting he has over 2,000 names of people who have tried it. I told him you must be doing well ..he said yes but why now when I’m in my 70s…why not earlier ..Back then I was so poor. He is a fun guy and an ex-marine. I missed his Border Collie who used to run to greet all the visitors. He said the dog had a heart attack in the middle of the night. Sad. Now he has a 11 month old Newfoundlander puppy … he said the only truly native Canadian dog. He has a collection of rare birds..beautiful peacocks. The lavender field is in bloom and gorgeous purple. I think there were about 30 people out there doing yoga Alan says in their spandex!!

Alan recommended Melissa’s Biscotti, a neat little cafe for breakfast. It was a great little find. Melinda is wonderful and lots of fun. She is a hard worker and has managed to make a go with her Biscotti business. The cafe was great and the food yummy. I’ll definitely be back. She likes the same characters in Sidney that I enjoyed last year. I haven’t seen him yet but, Bill , the owner of the Rum Runner is a real character that I hope to run into again. I am enjoying resting..sleeping longer than usual. It’s great.😎

Found Bill back at the Rum Runner a couple nights ago. We saw his wife outside having a cigarette and told her how much I enjoyed him last year. Didn’t take long before he was hot footing over to our table. Still same character as he was last year. Tons of fun to talk to. He said he remembered me …had enjoyed and been impressed with our conversation last year. Now of course you don’t believe that but I’ll be damned if he didn’t point out the exact table where I sat and that I was into some kind of business. I was talking to him about my real estate adventure last year. He is a good businessman …loved and known by everyone. I know I’ll be back because his business is open until 10pm just when it is starting to get dark. Almost everyone else closes around 8:30 and still daylight.

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