Canadian Life Style

Music, music, music


The Canadians love music. It is everywhere and I am in heaven finding it and listening to it all.

This morning got up and headed to the pier for breakfast. As walking down there saw some kids walking on a field trip..headed to the Sidney amphitheater to perform. It was their jazz band and orchestra what an amazing place for them to perform.

Last night went over to Oaks Bay my second favorite town on the Island. Went to the Oaks Restaurant and Tea room to hear Dixieland Jazz, Blues and Gospel band. They were fantastic. They had a clarinet player (love clarinet) and a guy with an interesting guitar. A Resonator guitar. It has a metal center and can play real loud. Neat.

The night before after workout at the Panorama Recreation center..stopped at a Restaurant called The Roost…They had a couple playing folk music. The guy looked a little bit like John Denver. They were good. Interesting waiter wearing the Campbell war tartan…apparently his usual attire. Definitely gets him some attention. Anyway my family us connected to the Campbells . Mary is a MacDonald…unfortunately back hundreds if years ago the Campbells massacred the MacDonalds. We had an interesting conversation about that. I shared the song on my phone with him. The Massacre at Glencoe. He was interested in that so he copied that down so he could listen to it at home. Then there is The Thursday Street Fair every week. Always 3 bands located along the street. It is all so me. I love music.

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