Canadian Life Style

Rental Cars

20180611_124251So this year I decided to fly up to Canada instead of the long drive. So now it is time to figure out the rental car game. When I first arrived picked up a car at the airport for a week rental period. I wanted to figure out how things work. Number one thing I learned is they only rent for a certain period. After that you start getting a daily rate penalty. Since I am here 3 months that’s a big issue. Then I learned from the girls at the in airport Budget Rental you pay 13% more when you rent inside the airport. Yikes ..definitely going to avoid that. So now I am on rental car #2 that I rented from the place in downtown Victoria. It is rented for 30 days. Then it will be time to search again. So currently driving a KIA soul. Seems pretty good. Lots of space. Everything is a game to be figured out.😄

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