Canadian Life Style

Tickets for show at Mary Winspear

So last night was a show called Country Gold four impersonators …they did Reba MacIntyre, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. We were kind of apprehensive about the show since the first show we saw was so bad. Turned that they were pretty good musicians, singers and even funny. We really had fun and got into the singing and clapping etc.

When we finished we were starving and that was a giant problem because everything closes around 10pm. One of the group’s joke was how much they appreciate us being there when there are so many other things to do in Sidney on a Monday night. Not. Luckily I remembered the Charles Dickens pub out by the highway. Yeah they were open. So we grabbed a table and ordered something to eat. Even there the people were saying their good byes and heading home. We started talking with our waiter and found out he was a fifth grade teacher. Turns out he thought he was going to get some summer pay but, that doesn’t happen until next year..So has to tend bar at two different places. We could relate to that. Teachers are unemployed two months every year. So he had to cancel the family summer plans and stay home and work. He certainly had our sympathy. Since we were in the only open place the performers started wandering in. They shouted over and waved to us as they came in. They knew we had been at the show. Later when we left they shouted good night ladies. We happily had full tummies and were ready to call it a night. Today was another cold and rainy day. We drove over to Oaks Bay for breakfast but by the time we got there it was lunch. Then came back did a little shopping. We both got our workout in and called it a day. It’s raining and just want to stay in. I guess that’s what Canadians do when the weather is bad. Work on their projects. Almost no one out and about. Predictions for better weather coming.

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