Canadian Life Style

Oh No I’m in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Headquarters

It turns out that volunteering in Sidney takes a little doing. In fact Sara at the Shoal Center wasn’t sure I could make it jumping through the hoops. She sent me right away to the RCMP headquarters to fill out the paperwork to get my criminal background check. They should have it ready for me by June 22nd. Protecting the vulnerable kids and seniors.

We were laughing and cracking up about all the issues between the Canadians and Americans. I told them I might have J walked once. That caused one of the girl Mounties to start laughing and telling me about when she and a girlfriend were J walking and they saw the police. She yelled run and got away. Her girlfriend got caught and is still upset with her. When I left they said it was fun talking to you. Hope it wasn’t too much fun …don’t want them picking me up just for a laugh.

I stopped by the Shoal Center to see what was happening there. Sara wants to get me cleared so they can call on me for whatever needs come up. When I told her I was a Gemini ..She said say no more. My significant other is a Gemini and he drives me crazy. We had a big laugh and I said but we are fun. She agreed.

Then I stopped by the Sidney School and chatted with the principal. Told him I was interested in working with some kids this summer when school is out. He told he could think of several kids who would benefit from my working with them. He had me make a little sign with those phone number tags hanging down. I have been watching the kids around here and noticing how cute they are. I know I will have fun getting to know some of the Sidney kids. They call themselves the Sidney Bees.🤣 Looking forward to participate in the community by volunteering.

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