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It really feels like home

I don’t mean like Pacific Beach but like I fit in. It feels like I belong and I really love it here. Tonight at the street fair everything I saw and heard and smelt just seemed so good. Families in the street dancing with their little kids and even younger kids out their twirling and laughing and having so much fun. An amazing Irish band doing jigs and songs and playing the Irish bag pipes and Irish drum and the tin whistle. People happy greeting each other. Oh such a kind and pleasant place. The focus was fun for everyone ..all ages. I love seeing the old folks shaking their booties and they do. The evenings are so long ..until 10 when the sun starts to set. Perfect for me ..I love being out that late. Went to Haros restaurant at the pier. They had a band ..I saw one of the guys point to us and then they sang The Everly Brothers Dream, Dream, Dream. When they finished a band member stretched out both arms to me. I gave him a thumbs up. I told Mary he was singing a song he knew was of our era. Cute!

So today I got over to the Panorama Recreation center for a workout .

Then bought a red fascinator …you know those little hats all the Royal ladies wear to important’s for Canada Day and I bought my ticket for Dinner en Rouge where you must wear red and white. Last year I couldn’t go because I didn’t own the right color and white. Today I am ready.😄

4 thoughts on “It really feels like home

  1. I have to take several breaths to relax after reading your itinerary No problem keeping busy, I see. We went to the La Mesa Farmers Market tonight and enjoyed the same family fun–lots of kids and dogs and good food. Glad to read your escapades!

  2. Hay Linda glad you and Ted get fun at the market. Didn’t see you mention music. A big draw for me. Sitting in an Irish pub in downtown Victoria. Supposed to be a really great band. Pub called Irish Times article says they won the Irish Pub of the Year in North America. 😉

  3. ‘Today, I am ready*.

    Perfect way to end your blog. Almost deserves becoming an inspirational quote.

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