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The Ferry to Salt Spring Island

Today was such a beautiful day it was time for a ferry ride so we headed for Salt Spring Island. They have a Saturday market so we thought we would head there. Such a beautiful view of the island and the water with the sun shining down. You ride a car ferry and get off and drive around the Island. We stopped to ask about the return ferry information and missed the crowd heading up the road to the Saturday market. We actually never made it but we found an incredible place that was so much better. It was in the woods. A really neat cheese shop. They raise goats and make the cheese with the goats milk. What a happy find. On our way back to the ferry we saw three deer a

mother and two babies. Really cool. Then a big sticky problem. We got in line for the return parked and walked out on a dock to eat a sandwich and enjoy the beauty of the harbor. We walked to the end and sat down on the dock. There were horses across the harbor playing in the water. I scooted up with my back against a pole and enjoyed the sun and munching on the sandwich. When It was time to head back to the car ..I noticed I was stuck to the pole. It turns out tar was dripping down the entire pole. So jacket and shirt now in the trash…not even going to try to get that off. So I said I bet that happens a lot. Mary said she would have looked at the pole before she leaned against it. Oh!! ..oh well!

3 thoughts on “The Ferry to Salt Spring Island

    1. Peggy-I am really enjoying your pictures and your blogs. So glad that you are having such a good time. Volunteering with the children sounds fun.

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