Canadian Life Style

Shopping in Canada

Shopping in Canada is an interesting experience due to differences in money and taxing. First there are no pennies. So they do something called “rounding. ” You know like in your math class. They round to the nearest five up or down. It even shows up on the receipt.

Then you’ve heard the phrase one thin dime. Well it must be about the Canadian dime. Hard to believe how small and thin it is.

Then they have “loonies” $1 and “toonies” $2. These are coins. The toonie is made from two different metals.

Now the trick about these guys is learning how to spend them. I always mess up ..keep pulling out my colorful bills when I am purchasing $100 tan, $50 red, $20 green, $10 purple and $5s blue. Wrong..pretty soon I am loaded down with Loonies and Toonies. Canadians spend them at Starbucks, Tim Horton’s and give as tips to waitresses. I forget that they are in my purse. The worst is the thin dime ..I can barely pick them up with my acrylic nails.!

Then one more thing the taxes…you will see two different taxes on the receipt one the PST is the provincial tax (British Columbia ) 7% and the GST goods and services tax 5%..both are charged on you receipt. So shopping is a little challenge but, I’m getting it. Right now I have a boat load of coins in my purse to spend ..Got to improve on spending those guys.

Then there is the difference in the value of our dollar and the Canadian dollar to US dollar currently it is 75 cents Canadian to $1 US. Good for us right now. I talked with a Canadian lady in the grocery store today. She told me she had just been at the bank changing her Canadian bills into US bills. She had been watching tv and saw the value of the Canadian dollar dropping and she was scared. It is 75 cents to the US $1. She thinks it is going down to 65 cents to the US dollar. Finances …exciting!!

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