Canadian Life Style

Victoria Street Fair

So they closed off several blocks of Douglas St in downtown Victoria on Father’s Day. That is right near China Town. It is always interesting to see what is going on in a community by checking out the street fairs. They closed off a drinking area but didn’t see many drinking. So I said to the guy come on ..I don’t need to show ID you can just look at me and know I’m an old lady. We both laughed and he let me in. Then said it is BC law…I was in the restricted area without the mandatory wristband. I saw a cannabis beauty products booth…The NDP political party booth that’s one of 3 parties in Canada. They elected the new premier of BC. Partied with him last summer when opened up the parliament building after hours and crammed everyone inside. The only rationale thing to do was escape outside. It was scary. The girls told me that the NDP is anti-Trudeau. It is the most liberal of the parties. Heard some interesting bands..(as opposed to good bands) It was a good downtown Victoria experience. Glad I live in Sidney


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