Canadian Life Style

Friendly by Design

Sidney, BC has some great places to meet, sit down and chat. Everywhere you look around the couple of main streets you will see places to sit…lots of places to sit. I was really happy to find those last year. People here walk all over but, I was not used to that so I found myself getting tired quickly..yeah for the places to sit. This year I got my walking legs a lot faster and love walking  everywhere. (Makes me feel like I am a part of Sidney)

But the most important part about these chairs, benches and sitting places is that they are generally placed so you look at each other and when around tables so that you share them with friends or complete strangers. It happens automatically people start chatting and sharing and it all feels so friendly. I feel certain that the city fathers of Sidney placed those and arranged those that way on purpose to encourage people to become friends. I love how they are everywhere. To me they are a symbol of Sidney and what distinguishes it from other towns. Such a friendly, friendly place

.I snapped these pictures around 7pm and most were home having dinner. Daylight lasts here a long time in the summer.

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