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The Sidney Scone Lady

She is famous around here. She makes the most delicious scones. Light and fluffy not heavy like a rock. Even the Starbucks girls in Victoria know of her. Last year I discovered her when I was served one at breakfast one morning. I was amazed I had never tasted such a yummy scone. So the waitress told me they buy them from the Scone Lady and she sells them at the Thursday Street Market. So I started looking for her. I found her there once before I returned to San Diego. I got her business card. Of course I got a scone.

So when I returned to Sidney this year and went to the first Thursday night street market. I looked for her. The line was so long I decided to skip it. But I learned people start lining up before the market opens. So last week when I went looking she was not there…disappointment because I was ready to line up early. But tonight she was there with boxes and boxes of scones. I got in line with everyone else. I waited 45 minutes before it was my turn. The lady behind me told me she was only going to buy one for her husband. Of course the signs offer deals. By the time she got there she bought 8. I did the same ..I was going to buy 1 but bought 2. What a business she has ..She works hard. Well my tea is steeped and it’s time to start nibbling on a scone.

3 thoughts on “The Sidney Scone Lady

  1. Hey there!! This is Chelsey, the scone lady of which you speak :D. I just came across your little story and I loved reading it… thanks so much for your kind words. I’m so happy you ended up being able to get scones again before the season ended. The line-up absolutely boggles my mind every time! I see you’re from San Diego? My husband was born in Poway, and we used to live in Newport Beach! We’de Heading down in a few weeks to enjoy some down time. If I bake any scones while in Newport, I’ll let you know 😉

    1. Chelsey love to see you and family when you are down here. I live on Mission Bay and would love to show you around San Diego. I love Sidney and will be back there next summer. Get in touch and I will show you my wonderful town. Hope to see you soon..scone or no scone.😄😎

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