Canadian Life Style

Progress …oh Dear!

So when you are gone from a place like Sidney and then come back you see the changes. Building and future plans are all happening fast. There is a certain charm about Sidney as a small town and cute little shops that is losing the battle and development and big money is moving in. I want to really enjoy what is here and so special now because it won’t be the same before long. I have been hearing rumors and shops are having going out of business sales. Owners can’t afford the rents anymore. I have been told there are two different malls that will be built soon. Oh no!

Yesterday in a little coffee shop I heard 3 women talking about the real estate trauma one of them was going through. So eventually I joined in their conversation and boy they taught me a lot. One is currently trying to sell her townhouse and she is being told the market is slow. I haven’t had a chance to notice yet but last year it was a hot market.

Another with tears welling up in her eyes told me of her trauma. Last year she bought a nice top floor condo. The realtor assured her that the height limit to build next door was two stories. Well the developers got multiple variances and are building 4 stories with no parking and

the thinnest set back I have ever heard of. In the picture you can barely see light between the buildings. She has a balcony on that wall that used to have a view of Mt she stares smack dab straight into that wall. No wonder the tears.

This morning I sent my pictures and comments to the local Victoria newspaper. Maybe that’s exercising my Canadian rights or just acting like an American. The ladies showed me where another condo is set to go up with another insanely close set back planned. Then they told me about the plans that were just approved yesterday for the new theater. I have to confess I found their theater laughable. It was originally a bowling alley and I drove around and around before I realized that was the theater. The approval is for a 6 story theater building. Apparently high rise buildings will be a thing if the future for Sidney.

Then they started in on the doctor situation. There is no doctor in Sidney. If you need assistance you go to the walk in clinic. I guess there is a lot of truth to the stories about the Canadian medical system. Carol, one of the ladies told me she has just gotten set up with a doctor in Vancouver. Apparently, if I understood her correctly it is more than a year’s wait to get a test like a urinanalysis at the free medical facility. She said the place called to tell her she has a Thursday appointment and that she will be charged $85. Apparently this particular doctor is operating a private pay business. Definitely a lot more to learn. Living in a place gives you a different perspective than just traveling to it


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