Canadian Life Style

Canada Days …Four days of celebrating



So today was the first day of celebrating in Sidney. The main event was Dinner en Rouge. That is a dinner served outside at Beacon Park. It had been raining off and on but, when I called the Dinner was still planed to happen. Ok ..So I grabbed a coat and a red umbrella. (Dress was supposed to be red and white in honor of flag colors.) When I checked in I was assigned a table at the end. Soon my tablemates arrived. John and Terry, husband and wife and Pope their friend. What a lucky draw they were lots of fun. John is a retired engineer, Terry is a semi-retired film production manager and Pope is a writer. Great conversationalists. As we sat there it poured down rain. No one ducked out of the rain …just popped up umbrellas and sat at the tables as it rained. They are Canadians and weather doesn’t stop the fun. The food was being served and it was quite good. There was a great band and the music added to the festivities. Great beginning to Canada Days fun.

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