Canadian Life Style

Special Canada Day Encounter

20180701_133025When the parade ended I decided to take a coffee break at Tim Horton’s. A nice lady came up and asked me if she and her husband shared the seating …of course why not. So we started talking. They were from North Vancouver on the mainland and we talked about the ferry problem with one boat out of service. So they had come last night because they had business down in Victoria this morning. I told them I live here in Sidney and about getting my citizenship last year and on and on. They listened politely, asked some questions about how it worked for me to get my citizenship. I shared how it was really easy and then we moved on to other topics. Eventually I asked them what they were doing down in Victoria this morning. It turns out he was participating in a swearing in ceremony for new citizens. OMG I cracked up. Turns out he is a citizenship judge and here I was telling him all about becoming a citizen. His name is Robert D. Watt of the Canadian Heraldic Authority. He had been asked to come to the Island to conduct the swearing in ceremony and had stayed in the Vice Premier’s house last night. He said the ceremony was a special deal because it was on Canada Day. The premier and vice premier of British Columbia were there. He gave me his card because he thought I might see him on the news. His main job as a citizenship judge is to listen to the cases of people trying to get Canadian citizenship. I had already told him it was a little embarrassing to me that it was so easy for me I just got birth certificates and mailed them and then my citizenship was mailed to test swearing in ..nothing. He talked about how touching and special the actual ceremony is….Kind of made me wish it was required for me. He said he really enjoyed meeting me and hearing my story. He had heard that it was possible to get citizenship the way I did. He also said I was the first person he had ever met who had actually done it. That’s neat. Kind of a special encounter on Canada Day.

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