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It’s the Ice Cream Lady

I started my first volunteering Friday. I go to the Shoal Senior Center and serve them ice cream for their afternoon treat. Well the good news is my reputation in the kitchen is not changed. The first thing I did was grab the Ice Cream cones in the box and pull out the inside so I could count out the right amount. Well surprise to me the bottom was wide open. So I poured the cones all over the floor. All had to be thrown away. Yep that was how I started.

The ice cream melted quite a bit before I got to serve very many. It turned out we were waiting for The yoga class to let out and come get their treats. I started teasing the people there saying I think I need an ice cream girl uniform so people recognize that ice cream is being served. Then the yoga class and I decided we needed the cream truck song. I found it on line. So next Friday I’m going to play song to get the business moving.Then I realized bowls work much better with our melted ice cream situation. So I am going to go shopping and get some single use bowls and bigger plastic spoons.

So when I went to church today I saw this lady with a big smile and showing me that there was a place next to her. Turns out that big smile was for the ice cream lady. She had been one of the ladies at the center. Problem was she had been out shopping and eating and had no room for ice cream. So I told her I was going to be there every Friday and she got a grin and said. I’m going to change my shopping time. I want to get the Ice Cream. Next she told me that one of her friends hoped I was going to be there again because I put a lot of ice cream in the cones. Well I guess ..They charge them $2. I think I’m going to buy some ice cream for them myself and yogurt. One of the ladies said she can only eat yogurt. Such an easy thing to do to make people happy.

2 thoughts on “It’s the Ice Cream Lady

  1. Peggy, you could get the folks to line up for ice cream if you never served ice-cream and just made them all laugh. Linda

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