Canadian Life Style

Parking is a Problem Everywhere

One of the things I accepted pretty rapidly in Sidney and Victoria is that you want to pay to park. It is convenient and saves time. I have pretty much learned where the pay to park lots are all over Vancouver Island.

Today I found a new problem some of the downtown parking structures freak me out and I

had to go to a big downtown mall because some governments offices are on the top floor of that

mall. The only parking I could find was on the roof of the parking structure. The Canadians had not put a short cement wall around… oh no!! This had a short wire small chain fence and metal posts. There was no way I could drive to the edge of that structure. So I parked with the car back further than the other cars. I didn’t realize how much I was afraid of height. I pulled the parking brake real tight and then left to shop. I couldn’t stop thinking about that parking place while I was shopping. So I stopped and went back to the car. I slowly backed up and got out of there.

When I came to the attendant I told him how much I hated parking there. I asked if I was the only one who felt that way. He said there are a lot of issues people have with the building. Some people hate the birds…droppings were everywhere. Some are claustrophobic and others hate the height and fencing like me. Not parking there again. Nice flat little lots are great.

. On another day I talked with a gentleman who said those are old structures. Did I notice all the scrapes along the edges as I was driving down the around and around course? Yep.

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