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Anticipating Cougars

Gordon and I are planning to spend a couple of days at Lake Cowichan. It is a beautiful area and we will use it as a base to explore the island further. It is an opportunity to see black bears, cougars and other wild life.

The funny thing about looking for wildlife I often don’t see it. I peer into the bushes and under the trees and see nothing. After we made our reservations I began to learn how many cougars are living on Vancouver Island and that they are frequently sighted. The locals are concerned when they see them.

I was talking with a gal at Starbucks that had spotted one in James Dean Park on her daily walk. This park is in a major area of high end homes. And she said she was going to report it to the authorities. My family hiked in that park last year and we were only looking at birds and frogs. I no idea that such a danger could be there.

The locals don’t seem to worry much about the bears but pay attention with cougars.

My hair dresser told me about going to school in Lake Campbell…not far from our destination. She said at least once a week the principal would come on the intercom and announce that there was a cougar sighting and that they would not be dismissed until their parents arrived to take them home. She also told me about a YouTube posting of a cougar walking down Beacon Street…The main street in Sidney in the middle of the night. I spend hours up and down Beacon St….So now I understand …cougars are all over Vancouver Island. All these stories are starting to get to me..the other night I had a nightmare that I was confronted by a Cougar when there was no one around to protect me. I wasn’t sure what to do.

So today I am going shopping to consult the local experts about what to take with you into cougar country. I know in San Diego at REI they sell noisy bells to use as a way to scare bears. I remember laughing at that. So here I come Sporting goods sales people …what have you got??? I’ll probably buy anything if you tell me it will keep me safe. I bet the actual result will be that we won’t see anything. Guess I just want to be a good scout and be prepared. Lots of anticipation and excitement.

3 thoughts on “Anticipating Cougars

  1. Peggy-
    I just posted an article on Facebook about what to do about bears and other animals. Bear spray seems to work the best for any animal. Also, using bells and making noise, not running, and staying close together in a group helps.

    1. Super Susan ..thanks!!! I think it will be fun but, a little freaked out 😉

      On Sat, Jul 14, 2018, 10:50 AM California Girl in British Columbia wrote:


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