Canadian Life Style

Season Headliner at Butchart Gardens a Treat

So in the summer the Gardens has music every night. On the 18th they advertised and made it clear the performer was something special. He was a well-known Canadian singer, Alan Doyle. The problem was I had never heard of him and wasn’t sure I would enjoy the show. It said he was a folk singer from Newfoundland. I have visited the Maritime provinces and know some really amazing music has come from there. It was a special event so you had to pay extra to see it. I went and I was so glad I did…he was wonderful. He told some great stories about his family and some about experiencing British Columbia…specifically Butchart Gardens for the first. Best to say he was overwhelmed…fun. He got everyone up and clapping and tapping their feet and singing and having a great time. It felt like pub style music and was such a great event. Glad I went even though I never heard of him. Turns out he is the favorite singer of one of my Canadian relatives and she has been to many of his concerts. Lesson learned time and again …go anyway…you’ll have fun.

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