Canadian Life Style

Some things are not as Advertised

So Gordon and I stayed two nights in Lake Cowichan. That gave us easy access to the middle of Vancouver Island. As we began to plan …the danger of cougars and bears were mentioned several times. So we prepared..I guess those animals heard about us and took off. They knew we were prepared ..bells flares, spray… We didn’t see any of those dangerous guys. We did however see many deer and Gordon saw an elk family.

The second experience that was not as advertised was the surfing beach, Tofino. Lots of surf shops, surf boards on top of cars. Surf businesses and signs about the dangers of the height of the wave. Well we got there and started looking for the surf. We heard other people asking the locals where is the surf. Well we all headed to the beach following surfers carrying their boards..The path was through a row of bushes. The tide was way out…The beach was long ad had beautiful sand. Gorgeous trees and little islands and nice homes. Wonderful. Only one thing missing ..there was literally no waves. Maybe close to 12 inches. Wow I have to give credit to the surfers that actually put their boards in and tried to surf…long boards. Barely a ride. Amazing ..It is a long drive to get to the beach. All the beach fun was there ..beach bars and party mode. People say the waves can be huge at Tofino …? Ok!

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