Canadian Life Style

A Special Place to Celebrate

So we wanted to have a special dinner for Gordon’s birthday. I heard last year and everyone said again this year go to The Chalet at Deep Cove. So we dressed up and went. The setting was spectacular …a chalet with beautiful gardens and lawns leading down to the water (ocean not fresh). A pier where customers dock and come on up for dinner. They are greeted by the Chalet dog, Victor, a sweet old fluffy guy. Everybody seems to love him and know him by name. Inside near the door is his water bowl and food dish and his ball. Gordon was kind of surprised that Victor comes inside the restaurant …such a fancy place … but it is the routine. The entire time beautiful soft music was playing the Gardens and inside the restaurant. The hostess is Bev, a nice older English lady ..her accent alone makes you feel you are special. Gordon order filet mignon and I had Halibut. It was fabulous. Then Bev brought over strawberries and cream with a sparkler sparking and she lead us in singing Happy Birthday to Gordon. Now I understand why everyone recommends The Chalet. It is great and not far from where I live. Always finding new joys on Vancouver Island

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