Canadian Life Style

Some Days things Just Go Wrong

So today my cell phone disappeared . Scott has an app that can tell where it was. Right where I thought in the parking lot of the shopping mall.I hunted through all the stores and asked at all customer service. No phone. Then I went to the RCMP office no cell phone. Then I got online and found out my phone had been locked. Someone had been using my phone. So have to get a new phone. The trouble is no Verizon in Canada. So hopped the ferry and headed to the closest USA spot I knew… Port Angeles. Decided to just have fun. Beautiful day, gorgeous scenery and smooth sailing. Man at the ferry couldn’t have been nicer. Helped me get through the line..Called Verizon store in Port Angeles found out how to get there. Advised me on my return trip. Great Guy!! 9:30 PM ferry back to Victoria a wonderful spot. Then met some sweet gals in the store got all I needed and pretty efficient. Grabbed a bite to eat and got in line for the ferry to Victoria. Beautiful ride across the water with the moonlight shining on the sea. So now I have a new phone and had an interesting day. Met lots of nice people ready to help me. So get back to Sidney and then to bed. Moving along on the ferry right now with our fog horn blaring.

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