Canadian Life Style

Appies and Wine

So I am learning that a common get together in Sidney is to have your friends over for some appies and wine. I have had the pleasure of being included in two get togethers of this nature. So much fun …Great time to get to know each other. They are small cozy get togethers where everyone can share and listen to each other. Dress is casual and so is the atmosphere. The Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant in Sidney has become one of the places to go to get ready made Appie’s and really good cheese. I am looking forward to the next invitation. So I told the girls to be careful when they invite me …because I will come. Fun gang ..A former Miss Canada, a dancer in Dawson City where the miners threw gold nuggets on the stage, a wonderful handling the major issue of muscular dystrophy with her son, wife of a wonderful musician and singer, buyer for all the BC ferries, etc. Certainly not boring people. And all that amazing kind and polite Canadian style.

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