Canadian Life Style

Another repeat …with fun added

So today started with me rolling out of bed and hitting the floor. Ticked me off. Then I had to check if it was too early to get out of bed. It was starting to get daylight so up I got…I mean I was already up but, had to get unraveled from the the comforter. I was headed back to Port Angeles today ..yep. My phone was found and I could return the new phone. Within 14 days of purchase. Again I was stuck there until 9:30 Ferry due to summer vacationers and crowded ferries. Worked out great phone exchanged money returned. Then what to do…So I decided to go to the Olympic National Park. Everyone said go to Hurricane Ridge so that is where I headed. Oh dear so did everyone else. Traffic was stopped and we waited a long time. I thought it was road work. Nope a forest ranger came up and said Hurricane Ridge has been shut down the last two hours because there is no parking.

But then just at that time they started opening it up again. Lucky me so I paid my $30 entrance fee…yes I do have an annual card but of course I didn’t have it with me. I told him I was happy to pay the money and support the park. He said …Thank you.

The drive to Hurricane Road was long and twisty…a little exciting. Beautiful views along the way. A great choice for something to do while waiting for the ferry. A wonderful with everyone having fun. Back to Victoria on the ferry bed about midnight.

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