Canadian Life Style

Cell Phone Hell

Yep I am back in Port Angeles for my 3rd trip. I swore I wouldn’t come back …unfortunately there was no choice. I have Verizon and thrilled that my plan includes unlimited use in Canada and Mexico. Well!! there is a catch …if something happens to your phone it’s a big deal. Customs agent was surprised to find out you have to come to US to deal with issues. YEP must be in the USA. So first ferry ride to buy new phone..2nd ferry ride to return new phone because stolen phone was returned .. Then the worst old cell phone didn’t get activated correctly so it was no longer working. The Classic Catch 22. It said I was out of coverage area ..wrong ..could only use Wifi Calling..Called Customer service was one based in US ..they can’t help you need to call

Global Customer Service. OK..problem is Global Customer service won’t accept calls from Wifi Calling all that I could use at the moment. So I called Gordon in San Diego…they couldn’t help him because he was not out of the country. Somehow your mother has to figure out how to call Global Customer Service. So went to Telus cell phone store and met the most fantastic store manager, Brittany Terepocki..she spent an hour on the phone working with, coaching, encouraging and supporting the Global Customer Service for Verizon tech guy. And then bad news ..I heard her say you are kidding and roll her eyes. After all of that they got to the point where they couldn’t beat the system. Yep ..I had to go back to the USA …the signals have to bounce off of a Verizon Cell Phone Tower. So back to the ferry and Port Angeles Verizon Store. Well it is height of tourist season so all ferries were booked. So today got only possible one left at 6:50am …have to be checked through customs at 5:10 am..that meant get up at 4am to drive in from Sidney..only ferry back is 9:30pm that means home in Sidney about midnight again. Well guess what as soon as the ferry got in the range of Port Angeles my phone bounced off the cell phone tower and OMG my phone was working perfectly. I went down to the Verizon Store anyway. Well that was a lesson all in itself. Two other people there all with issues in service between the two countries. One guy was a pilot and lives in Alaska and has some other kind of connection. He said if you lose your connection you are screwed. Apparently not too long ago he activated on the runway when he landed in the USA ..he coached the gal at Verizon ..told her what to do and managed to get activated from his airplane on the runway. He said these issues are all thanks to the FCC. So other gal had a Canadian cell phone and trying to figure what to do ..she wasn’t getting any service. I told him I had similar issues with my email service ..and discovered that doesn’t work in Canada. Well I’ve got it now …I learned a lot about that use your phone just like in San Diego deal.

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