Canadian Life Style

The Fun Continues

I drove over to Sooke a couple of days ago. I was thinking it was a pretty long drive just to get some tickets. It is more than an hour on the ocean side of the Island. People encouraged me and said it was a beautiful drive..It is. I called to see if there was any other way to get tickets but, no person cash is the only way. What tickets ..I want to see the “Musical Ride” ..that is when 32 Royal Canadian Mounted Police ride to music in various precision formations. I saw it once before and thought it was fantastic. I notice the enthusiasm is not shared by many Canadians ..I personally think it is iconic Canada. Hmm! I was pretty shocked when I went to the Sidney RCMP office to see if by any chance they had any tickets. There was a cute young gal who was a member of RCMP. She had never heard of the Musical Ride. I told her and her boss her training was incomplete …she needed to know about this wonderful event that represents the RCMP all over Canada. Maybe I love them because as a kid I watched Sergeant Preston of the Yukon, his horse Rex and faithful dog Yukon King. From then on always loved the Mounties. Anyway I got 5 tickets ..more than I need ..they were only $5 and it was for a charity. I chose the sunset ride ..think that would be beautiful.

A gentleman,Ross, at the senior home where I serve ice cream on Fridays used to be a truck driver for the horses as they traveled all over Canada. It was obviously his life.. he ran upstairs and brought me info about it (that is not literally) ..he is in a wheel chair and only has one leg). Yesterday he “ran” back upstairs and brought me pictures of two of his Mounty friends. Told me to look them up and say Hi! from him. Told him I would.

Then as I drove along the rode I saw a sign for Vip Charter Boat Fishing trip. That seemed like a great find. So I drove down the hill practically to the water and parked. I tried to find the contact. I was trying to dial the number when a tall guy came out and said, “Can I help you?” Told him that I wanted to know about the fishing trip. Well he’s the guy. So we talked about it ..he told me the price and the details of the trip. Told him I needed to talk with my son. Decided to call Scott before I got back on the highway. We decided it would be great. So I went back down and knocked on his door. He lives in a beautiful house he built himself right on the water. Launches his boat right there from his dock for the now the trip is booked for 5 hours in the morning. He invited me in while we exchanged information. Clearly a bachelor ..telltale sign his laundry was all over his sofa. Funny.

So now fishing trip in the morning and Musical Ride at sunset. should be a fabulous day. Nice ride back to SIdney.

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