Canadian Life Style

Logging Residue

So I know I don’t know anything about logging. Wonderful old stories.. macho men tall tales like Paul Bunyon. Contests proving how fast one man can chop down a tree. All sounds exciting…but I know I don’t like the residue I see everywhere logging has taken place. First it saddens me to see the trees gone. I know it is an industry and we need the lumber for many things so you have to chop the trees. Driving through logging country and seeing the piles and piles of rubble makes me want to shout ..”Clean up your mess!” I don’t know why it is left. Biodegradable…protecting the soil ….?.? I am sure in a Province like BC that is so environment conscious there are good reasons. When I first went to English Bay in Vancouver and saw all the logs on the beach…I thought how cool neat places to sit. I enjoyed sitting on them myself. Logs floating in the rivers headed to the mill. Then I saw the mill pushing a tree through making wood chips. I would rather see nice boards to build with. Logs are on the beach in Sidney. Then Island View Beach covered with wood chips. They were interesting and tempted me to get a knife and start carving. Many interesting shapes. So when we teach the kids about the environment we include don’t waste paper …save a tree. Wow …seeing all around me here brings me face to face with the reality of that. I guess I am kind of a tree hugger ..I have a lot in my yard and I’ve told the kids “Don’t cut them down or I will haunt you after I’m gone.”Wouldn’t it be funny if the tall Star Pine in my front yard falls on me during a storm and that’s the end if me. I need to learn to live with all the trees in Canada and what that means. Silly Southern California girl treasures every tree she sees.


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