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AA Milne and the Hundred Acre Wood

A couple of weeks ago the pastor of the local United Church in Sidney shared a wonderful story as her sermon. With her South African accent it was the most delightful reading I have ever heard of Winnie the Pooh stuck in the rabbit hole. Now that may not seem very religious but it was. Sharing and caring. Lessons in life she pointed out about childhood and acceptance of everyone as they are and loving without a thought of changing them. She noted the unique characteristics of each one and how we probably knew someone in our life like each one. Such fun in church.

At the end she invited us to join her at the local cinema to see Christopher Robin. Well of course I went. The characters showed up now all tattered and worn. Christopher Robin as an adult working every minute, stressed, no time for fun and especially no time for his wife and young daughter. Vacation having to be cancelled and his daughter drilling for school even on vacation. A miserable situation. His family off on vacation without him.. Winnie the Pooh shows up. Eventually Christopher follows Pooh through the hole in the tree back to the Hundred Acre Wood. As expected he finds his younger self and learns to play again. He realizes what matters the most. A happy ending.

Our life is short as I was reminded when my brother died this week. Hopefully we don’t waste time acting too adult. I like that saying, “Never grow up!” Find your inner child and play and laugh and enjoy every minute As it turned out for me that sermon about Pooh was light hearted and fun but exactly what I needed for what life was about to dish up. I am happily playing in this wonderful country, Canada, where people really are kind and polite and proud to be that way. Go to your happy place where ever that might be.

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